The Inner Life September 10th – Work and Prayer

Work and Prayer. Work and prayer are both important parts of our lives but how do we balance the two? Is one more important than the other? Can we make our work a prayer? Father Jim Kubicki joins Patrick Conley to discuss work prayer balance in life.


Caller Story – He is welder by trade, and he used his work to create a statue that he was asked to make by his pastor.

Caller Story – He mother used to tell her about work, “do for it for the greater glory of God”.

Caller Story – She has had various jobs in her life but found a way to bring God into each one of them.

Caller Story – She has been praying a lot lately to find joy in daily work she does.

Caller Story – He is a retired financial adviser. He is now using his skills to help the homeless help them understand how money works and how to get back on their feet.