The Kavanaugh smear

  • Hour 1 of 9-19-19
  • Father Barry O’Sullivan reports from the UK on how innocent priests have been affected by the sex abuse crisis. He did an extensive study and spoke to those  who said that this would not make them leave the faith, as worn down as they might feel. He said that people still continue to have faith in their priests, despite some mistrust in other facets of the Church.
  • Duane Patterson on the Kavanaugh smear, the impact of news bias, and fake information online. We need to be better media consumers, he argues. We need to step away from our political echo chambers and cross reference other sources, being committed to finding truth. Do both the right and the left do this? How can we do it better? Has the NY Times or Washington Post learned their lesson after the latest Kavanaugh mishap which took out an important editorial? Patterson explains why he doesn’t think so.