The Patrick Madrid Show: September 10, 2019 – Hour 1

  • Caller: Katie in NJ asks what it means for the Blessed Virgin Mary to be “the gate of Heaven”
  • Caller: Dorothy in WI asks if it is okay that she and her husband are employed at a Hindu residence
  • Caller: Lucy in IN wants help explaining to her relative why it is important to baptize babies at a young age instead of waiting until they are older
  • Caller: Ida in NJ has a disabled 58 year old cousin and she wants to date a man. Is it wrong of her to want to monitor her conversations for safety reasons?
  • Caller: Bruce in CA is blind and has epilepsy and is going in for surgery today. He gains strength from listening to Relevant Radio
  • Caller: Mary in FL is offended by the Amazon commercial that uses the Ave Maria in it. Patrick says perhaps it is a blessing in disguise to those who see it
  • Caller: Don in IL heard yesterday that Jesus went to India to study Hinduism…has Patrick ever heard that? Is it true?
  • Caller: Rod in CA sometimes misses Sunday Mass when he is sick and so he streams it on TV. Is that okay?