The Patrick Madrid Show: September 10, 2019 – Hour 2

  • Caller: Donna in PA asks about Sirach 40:28-30 regarding begging. Patrick explains how it means that those who don’t work don’t eat
  • Caller: Mike in MN attends a parish that doesn’t have a separate room for selling raffle tickets and other parish events. It is done right in the back of church
  • Caller: Jay in CA asks about his brother who passed away 3 weeks ago. He was unconscious when he received last rites and he is worried about his salvation
  • Caller: Michelle in CA asks if she should be praying the Luminous mysteries of the rosary because Our Lady of Fatima only mentioned the original 3 mysteries
  • Caller: Jeanette asks if you can baptize a deceased baby. Where do miscarried or aborted babies go if they were never baptized?
  • Soundbite: Allie Stuckey on PragerU explains why it’s important to support masculinity in men
  • Soundbite: FDA warns Juul about its marketing practices
  • Caller: Tanya in WI says her husband is seeing an epidemic of young people having permanent damage to their lungs from vaping as he works at a hospital
  • Caller: Debbie in PA asks if there is a difference between sinning and “living in sin”