The Patrick Madrid Show: September 12, 2019 – Hour 1

  • Caller: Christi in CA is concerned that her local Catholic high school has allowed an Evangelical Church to have its services in their hall while their new church building is being built.
  • Caller: Cody in NM ended a relationship recently and it is difficult to find a good Catholic spouse. Advice?
  • Caller: Rod in CA asks about a bishop who supports homosexual unions
  • Caller: Gabby in TX asks for help explaining to her teenage sons why they should wait to have sex until marriage while their friends aren’t waiting
  • Caller: Matt in MN asks about the near occasion of sin
  • Patrick shares about the prudence policy at Relevant Radio
  • Caller: Katherine in NY is in 10th grade and is part of a protestant homeschool group and they are using a history book that is strongly anti-Catholic
  • Patrick reads about Cardinal Avery Dulles on the morality of the death penalty
  • Caller’s oldest son died 7 months ago and she is wondering if this is God punishing her for her sins, similar to the Bible story of David and Bathsheba being punished