The Patrick Madrid Show: September 12, 2019 – Hour 2

  • Caller: Catherine in CA wishes her parish community was kinder and more outgoing. She doesn’t feel her priest is compassionate. She is older and wants fellowship
  • Caller: Larry in TN met the Dominican sisters of St. Cecilia in Nashville and they are so full of joy. He knows Patrick has spoken of them before
  • Caller: Randy in Canada asks if abortion is part of God’s plan to control overpopulation
  • Caller: Joshua in NM is struggling to love his family who doesn’t practice the faith. He worries about members who aren’t living life well
  • Soundbite: The Today Show host rants in frustration over a character named “fireman Sam” being banned from an animated British show because he is too masculine, saying political correctness has gone too far
    Soundbite: People in Los Angeles would sign a petition to protect eagle eggs, but not a petition to protect babies in the womb (PragerU)
  • Caller: Joyce in IL gives advice to Catherine
  • Caller: Ted in CA asks if there is a particular ratio of souls in Heaven compared to souls in Purgatory or Hell