The Patrick Madrid Show: September 16, 2019 – Hour 2

  • Caller: Marvin in NM continues his call from the previous hour on types of music that he should or shouldn’t be listening to. Patrick recommends a book: Music and Morals
  • Caller: asks if one sin is greater than another between the ten commandments
  • Caller: Paul in MN thinks a helpful analogy to debunk gender dysphoria is proposing the situation where a child thinks he is a different species, such as a dog, and how absurd surgery would be for that…
  • Caller: Sandy in WI is trying to revamp a ministry at her parish but the other parishioners helping out have negative attitudes. How should she lovingly try to lead the group?
  • Caller: George in NY comments on Vatican II
  • Caller: Mike in WI asks about the Amazon Synod
  • Caller: David in IL asks what role miracles play in apologetics. He also asks how to raise a big family. His son just had his 9th child and it is a real struggle