The Patrick Madrid Show: September 17, 2019 – Hour 1

  • Soundbite: Justice Brett Kavanaugh witnesses associated with Christine Blasey Ford have all denied that this ever happened. His innocence is being exonerated continuously and her accusation is more and more being shown to have been false.
  • Caller: Irma in AZ asks about Revelation 20:2-10 about the thousand years and end of Satan
  • Caller: Matt in MN is engaged and his fiancée thinks about “what ifs” for their future children and says she may want to go back on contraception out of fear
  • Patrick shares a meditation by a priest on how some people’s deeply sinful past life invigorates and intensifies their prayer life out of gratitude for God’s mercy. Sometimes great sinners become great saints!
  • Caller: Ann in CA comments on a caller from yesterday who was engaged to a Catholic and the parents were upset over it
  • Caller: Jim in MD asks where in the Bible it dissuades us to be part of other denominations
  • Grandmother uses hair dryer as fake radar gun to deter speeding on local street
  • Caller: Kay in TX has been married for 30 years but is shocked to hear Patrick’s statement to caller Matt about birth control being an impediment to marriage. What does she do now?