The Patrick Madrid Show: September 18, 2019 – Hour 3

  • Caller: Linda in MA asks if God ordains when we die. Why do some die young and some die old?
  • Caller: Lisa in MN thinks it’s disrespectful to have teething rosaries for babies
  • Caller: Katie in IL was raised in the St. Pius X tradition and her husband was raised in the Eastern rite. How do they compromise and raise their kids
  • Caller: Ken in NY recommends the resource Church of Spies
  • Caller: Joanne in CA asks if we should bow before a priest at any time
  • Caller: Genie in NE asks for help understanding the concept that grace builds upon nature
  • Caller: Mark in CA asks about the Biblical figure Sargon. It seems like his story is very similar to that of Moses.
  • Caller: Nancy in CA asks how to teach children about the transgender issue. Patrick suggests homeschooling
  • Caller: Lauren in IN has a friend who thinks we should be following the Old Testament instructions on eating clean