The Patrick Madrid Show: September 19, 2019 – Hour 2

  • Caller: Julie in IN is concerned about her son who is engaged to a non-Catholic and they are not having the wedding in the Church. Is he committing mortal sin?
  • Caller: Bob in OK advises against marrying a non-Catholic. In his personal experience, it gets bad down the road
  • Caller: Frank, a Catholic, calls in concerned because after reading “33 Days to Morning Glory,” he feels it’s wrong to consecrate oneself to Mary. Patrick explains how the truth is exactly the opposite, and how we can’t give Mary any more honors than God has already given her.
  • Caller: Joseph in MN suggests creating a show for children’s apologetics. Parents would dig it too. These are formative years and many parents don’t feel adequate at teaching the faith. Children are hungry for the love of God. When they don’t understand, they leave the Church
  • Caller: Maureen in WI shares her experience of being in a mixed marriage
  • Caller: Rusty in CA agrees from his experience that mixed marriages are hard. He also recommends reading St. Louis De Montfort in regards to consecration to Mary
  • Caller: Tom in NY comments on the possibility of homosexual unions in the Church if priests are given permission to marry