The Patrick Madrid Show: September 20, 2019 – Hour 2

  • Caller: Rose in NJ went on a retreat and she thinks the bread they used for the Eucharist wasn’t the same or the valid form it should’ve been
  • Caller: Vanessa in AZ asks for advice so she can help her family member who is struggling with anxiety because of her past and lack of faith
  • Caller: Ann in CA is a working mom and someone told her it is a mortal sin to work outside the home if the husband’s income is sufficient. Patrick explains why staying at home is good for the kids but that it is not a mortal sin if she doesn’t.
  • Caller: Maureen in AZ hears everyone talk about a woman’s right to abortion, how come we don’t hear about a woman’s control of her body before getting pregnant
  • Caller: Mike in IL thinks the Church needs to come down hard on usury. He discusses banker wars and Jewish ownership with Patrick
  • Caller: Geraldine in NJ had an out of body experience
  • Caller: Robin in CA has a six year old son who is autistic and she was told he may not be able to make the sacraments of reconciliation and communion. Is that true?