The Patrick Madrid Show: September 20, 2019 – Hour 3

  • Caller: Mary Beth in MN is frustrated that public schools will be teaching sex education with Planned Parenthood books. Patrick encourages homeschooling
  • Caller: Andrew in IA has an autistic son and he often has an earnest, yearning look on his face when Andrew is praying. He may not understand, but he longs for Jesus nonetheless
  • God wants you to be free and happy, but that doesn’t mean any sexual desire you have is okay. Patrick discusses the “dreaded gender binary” as stated in the Bible
  • Caller: Matt in MN is growing in his faith and trying to share it with his fiancée but he worries that it’s pushing her away more
  • Caller: Carla in CA shares a personal experience of a providential coincidence she had after her husband died