The Patrick Madrid Show: September 23, 2019 – Hour 1

  • Flu season alert: hand sanitizer not very effective against virus strain, study warns
  • Soundbite: Beatles’ Ringo Starr: Brexit is good for Britain by PragerU
  • Caller: Marie in CA acknowledges God is pure spirit but she wonders if He has any feminine attributes or a specific gender
  • Caller: Shawna in CA asks for advice on getting in touch with her Goddaughter who has lymphoma and she’s worried she has left the faith
  • Caller: Paul in TX recommends getting more sleep, exercise, and cutting out sugar are all basic ways to fight sickness
  • Caller: Joe in VA has been in a 1 year relationship with his Protestant girlfriend. It just took a 180 degree turn when he decided to get serious about his Catholic faith
  • Caller: Sue in IL asks for advice on a girl in Confirmation class who is considering not going through with it because she thinks she is Lesbian and doesn’t feel comfortable