The Patrick Madrid Show: September 25, 2019 – Hour 2

  • Mom makes any friends of her kid sign a contract she made up before allowing them to sleepover
  • Caller: Mary in CA is heartbroken because her 28 year old son was murdered. She had him cremated even though he had told her Catholics need a proper burial. She asks advice
  • Caller: Gabriella in CA is 10 and asks why there are so many other religious denominations
  • Caller: Charles in CA asks Patrick’s opinion on Blessed Ann Catherine Emmerich
  • Caller: Nick in CA asks about 2 Kings 26-27 regarding a child sacrifice. He also asks why we venerate saint relics
  • Caller: Ida in NJ asks how to deal with people who judge her parenting
  • Caller: Tilly in UT heard that Jesus was Buddhist. Is that true?