The Patrick Madrid Show: September 25, 2019 – Hour 3

  • President Trump releases telephone conversation with Ukraine President Zelenskyy
  • Caller: Lucy in NM has a little son who is wondering if we know how many angels exist
  • Caller: Kenny in CA has a son who was murdered and at the funeral his best friend advised to give it all to God
  • Caller: Lucy in TX has a cousin who has power of attorney over decisions for her mother who has alzheimer’s and on dialysis. She wants to alleviate her suffering. What is moral?
  • Caller: Liano in TX was raised Catholic but asks if he can attend a protestant church now that he is getting back into the Faith
  • Caller: Donna in WI asks what the proper way is to get mortal remains back to the original owner. Patrick explains they are not a possession and what to do
  • Caller: Diana in IL shares her experience of abuse. She asks about forgiveness
  • Caller: Vin in CA asks about John 20:23
  • Caller: Kris in WI lives in an Indian community. Her two sons go to their friends’ houses who practice Hinduism and they come home asking questions like, “Is Jesus the true God?” Patrick advises that she help her sons become little apostles and share the Truth with their friends.