The Patrick Madrid Show: September 26, 2019 – Hour 1

  • The phenomenon of transgender men, (women who took hormones), getting pregnant
  • WOKE BARBIE: Mattel releases gender neutral dolls to meet demand from children
  • Caller: Meg in MN was told that if she can’t get to confession, her venial sins could be forgiven by reciting the Act of Contrition
  • Caller: Mike in WI has a son whose friends are buying into the gender identity ideology and he wonders how to respectfully but truthfully discuss the topic with them
  • Christian shop closed by Etsy for refusing to remove statement on Biblical marriage
  • Caller: Donald in IL doesn’t think any of the popes have properly consecrated Russia to Mary because didn’t Mary promise peace in return?
  • Caller: Cindy in CA can’t remember all of the 58 gender options so she hopes they will be tolerant of that. She discusses hormone treatment.
  • Caller: Gene in WI has severe anxiety and asks if anointing of the sick would be an option for her
  • Caller: John in MN asks if Catholics are required to believe that Adam and Eve were real people. Is that to be taken literally? Patrick explains that the Catholic Church does teach that Adam and Eve were the first human beings and uses science to back it up.