The Patrick Madrid Show: September 26, 2019 – Hour 3

  • Caller: Mike in FL is Jewish and asks about the oils that non-Catholics cannot receive from priests. How does a priest deal with his desire to marry? What should he do?
  • Caller: Rick in CA comments on a girl who called yesterday sharing she is judged by others for her Catholic faith. He has experienced the same and says we need to be bold
  • Caller: Rick in SC has a hard time persevering with a particular sin. Is he doing something wrong? Patrick discusses cultivating the virtue that opposes the vice. Rick clarifies that he is actually struggling to let go of a sin made in the past that he can’t go back and change
  • Caller: Gloria in CA is struggling to accept that her married son told her his wife and children are his immediate family and his parents are extended
  • Caller: Joe in MN has opposite thoughts on Harry Potter than Patrick and says he hates the Catholic Church. He cursed at the call screener.
  • Caller: Patty in TX has sons who are wondering if they can go with their friends to their protestant youth group
  • Caller: Michael in CA asks where Cain’s wife came from