The Patrick Madrid Show: September 27, 2019 – Hour 2

  • Caller: Ann in CA has her deceased father’s ashes in an urn and asks if she can be buried with it when she dies
  • Caller: Shelley in MN asks about Genesis 1:26
  • Caller: Peter in CA asks where the rosary came from
  • Caller: Jerry in IL asks about bishops calling out politicians who support abortion. Why don’t they also confront their own parishioners whom they know
  • Caller: George in CA asks what Patrick thinks about the German church. He asks why the pope doesn’t just clean house and wipe out much of the priests
  • Caller: Bob in RI asks why priests have to be celibate now when there was time where it wasn’t a requirement
  • Caller: Mike in AZ has a family member who had a stroke and in result cannot communicate. That makes it difficult to go to confession. Is she doomed?
  • Caller: Thomas in IL asks what it means to be crowned by Jesus