The Patrick Madrid Show: September 27, 2019 – Hour 3

  • Caller: John in PA asks for clarification on priestly celibacy (Matt 19; 1 Corinthians)
  • Patrick explains how Jesus being married would not make any sense as one example for priestly celibacy
  • Caller: Joe in PA was at his late mother’s gravesite and wonders if there is any special presence there as he speaks or prays to her, as opposed to praying for her anywhere else
  • Caller: Jose in CA asks about music by Halien, an EDM singer
  • Caller: Elizabeth in CA attended a parish that doesn’t kneel at all during Mass
  • Caller: Louie in CA asks if Adam and Eve were forgiven for their original sin of eating the apple. If so, why do we all inherit original sin?
  • Caller: Gabriella is 10 and asks Patrick why the Church has liturgical seasons
  • Caller: Peter in AZ asks what concept of Hell the Jews believe in
  • Caller: Bunny in MO has a daughter who asked why we look to Mary and Joseph as role models for a holy family when they had no marital relations. She said that makes it look like marital intimacy is bad