The Patrick Madrid Show: September 3, 2019 – Hour 3

  • Paul in Staten Island, NY, asks for Patrick’s thoughts on how Jesus and Church are necessary for salvation.
  • Bunny in St. Louis MO – My grand-kids are reading Harry Potter, but there’s news of these books being pulled from a Catholic School – what is this renewed interest in these books
  • Tim in Austin, TX, asks about tithing and where he can find teaching on it?
  • Anne in Oreana, IL asks if Lutherans believe in the Real Presence and if they have their own saints?
  • Jean from Virginia asks how to respond to these accusations of idolatry
  • Rita in Austin TX – I’m turning my wedding dress into first communion dress for my daughter? Is that okay?
  • Mary in Austin TX – can there be a residual effect from studying tarot cards?
  • Joseph in Chicago – how are my sufferings going to affect my entrance into