The Patrick Madrid Show: September 30, 2019 – Hour 2

  • Japan Airlines has a seat map that shows where toddlers will be sitting on the flight
  • Patrick shares his opinion on crying children at Mass and encourages both parents and bystanders to compromise and have some understanding for the other person
  • Caller: Ruth in WA asks about the state of our culture and how to live the faith
  • Caller: Maria in IL is frustrated about her parish that lets loose in Church after Mass i.e. kids running through the pews and adults chatting loudly
  • Taking his cue from St. Junipero Serra’s maxim, “siempre adelante,” which means, “always forward,” Patrick exhorts and encourages listeners to be joyful in the face of challenges and stay close to Christ.
  • Caller: Dave in MN asks about the patron saint of camping
  • Caller: Sandra in NY asks Patrick to clarify what he meant when he said we are headed in the right direction when the priest faces the East