The Patrick Madrid Show: September 4, 2019 – Hour 1

Man on the Street at a Vegan march asking who people would save first, a drowning dog or a drowning person.  In related, yet tragic news, Patrick shares a story of a woman drowning and asking for help, and not getting any. She ultimately drowns.

Fiona from Turlock, CA – I’m doing a thesis project on trauma and compassion and on empathy. She mentions that we can get burnt out and numb and that 911 responded might not have gotten the training to combat compassion fatigue.

Bruce and his wife called to thank Patrick for being there and helping them on their faith journey

Alan in Wisconsin – Respond to the 911 dispatcher;  I agree w/Fiona;  I suspect that the dispatcher trying to cope with some trauma herself, and she needs our prayers

K.C. in Chicago – In reference to drowning; some would say it was God’s will.  What does it mean by God’s will?

Paul in Downers Grove, IL – Need to help encourage my kids to be involved Catholic apologetics, as they are involved with non-Catholics

Marie in Madison, WI  – I was a police detective for 30 years – these dispatchers have a hard time because they hear fake calls and they never see these people