The Patrick Madrid Show: September 4, 2019 – Hour 2

  • Loraine in Leesburg, FL asks if legionaries of Christ are legitimately Catholic? Patrick’s answer may surprise you.
  • Erica in Kansas City asks about the meaning of Genesis 3:16? What is Eve’s curse?
  • Mary in San Francisco asks who Cain married. Where did the rest of the children come from?
  • Mark in Vancouver, WA has a theory about the suicide of Epstein. If he was forced to do it to save a family member, would that be a mortal sin?
  • Mireya in San Diego wants to share her opinion on the positive side of the legionaries of Christ
  • Tom in Phoenix AR is a medical physician and can comment on trauma detachment and how it’s a constant battle
  • Bob in San Diego asks for Patrick’s thoughts on the Knights of Columbus and if it will help him on his faith journey
  • Katherine in Pismo Beach, CA – My Protestant husband wants his ashes scattered. What to do?