The Patrick Madrid Show: September 5, 2019 – Hour 1

  • Patrick talks about how overpopulation is a myth and the greatest threat to the world in the near future is a population collapse. We are killing our old, we are killing babies, and we are destroying our future.
  • Susan in Illinois – There is a change in demographics.  We are losing the middle child essence, because we have a two-child and one-child.
  • Mary in Chicago – The movie, “Logan’s Run”, talks of disposing people, and getting rid of people at certain age.  That was the culture at the time.
  • Liz in Voorhees, NJ – This discussion, made me think of a book “Logan’s Run” talking about end of life. Patrick also brings up the film Soylent Green in relation to how humans are treated and disposed of.
  • Vincent in Philadelphia – Do we prioritize taking care of environment, as opposed to either life issues like abortion and euthanasia
  • Mike in Milwaukee – the loneliest people in retirement community are those who elected not to have kids
  • Christina in Oakland CA – Is it okay for a Priest during mass to not following the script?