The Patrick Madrid Show: September 6, 2019 – Hour 1

  • Couples that tailgate together, stay together
  • Joy in Riverside, CA – What is the Churches position on hell? Are the majority of souls going to hell?
  • Jeffrey in Sacramento asks how to help his friend, a former Catholic, who is becoming a Jehovah Witnesses to see the truth of the Catholic Church
  • Dominic in Grants, NM – Wants to share the good news that a priest blessed our public school and classroom.
  • Maria in Hercules CA – We are currently studying evolution in my high school. What’s the Catholic POV of Evolution?
  • Judy in California – Great Granddaughter has a medical condition. Patrick offers some good reading materials to help
  • Dan in Las Vegas –  Asks about different Bible Translations and how the meaning of the words can be misinterpreted