The Patrick Madrid Show: September 6, 2019 – Hour 2

  • Patrick reports about a Muslim American Airlines mechanic charged with sabotaging plane
  • Toby in Reno, NV – Thanks to Patrick for what he said about calling out the priests when they go against Church teaching.  Also a question about Affordable Care Act and abortion
  • K.C. in Chicago – In apologetics, is it more important to prove the existence of God, or more important to prove the authenticity of The Bible?
  • Louise in Austin TX – commenting on high school teaching evolution. Are we still in the seventh day of rest?
  • Joseph in Yonkers, NY – What’s the Process of becoming a saint? What exactly is the determination to become a saint?
  • Patrick shares some wise words from Father Spitzer regarding evolution as heard on A Closer Look
  • Teresa in Reedsburg, WI asks for a book recommendation for her daughter who has left the church after marrying an Atheist?
  • David in Milwaukee, WI – Will soon be visiting the Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help . He asks Patrick if he has any book suggestions to help him prepare for this pilgrimage.
  • Caller Les in St. Louis argues that an atheist world point of view is more honest than a Christian world view. Patrick reminds him that an atheist world view cannot account for immaterial reality. A lively discussion ensues.