The Patrick Madrid Show: September 6, 2019 – Hour 3

  • Shawn in Dartmouth, MA – has many unbaptized family members, is wondering what his responsibility is to get them back to Church
  • Richard in Bloomfield, NJ – regarding an earlier call about atheist’s point of view on creation. He argues that they don’t care about meaning and recommends everyone read the CS Lewis book “Mere Christianity”
  • Donna in California – what should my next step be in talking to my nephew who is not a practicing Catholic?
  • Patrick breaks the news that Planned Parenthood Abortionist Admits Videos Exposing Aborted Baby Part Sales Were Not Edited
  • Melinda in La Crosse, WI – Can Patrick elaborate on the Jezebel spirit?
  • Caller Patrick in Cranston, RI – is married to a Buddhist. She is on the fence about the Catholic faith. What resources can I share with her?
  • Sarah in MN – how do I address the local library that has a drag queen story hour