The Patrick Madrid Show: September 9, 2019 – Hour 1

  • Caller: Lily asks about plenary indulgences, praying for the pope, and kissing your hand after making the sign of the cross
  • Caller: David asks how to counter his Protestant friend’s claim that we can only unite our suffering to Christ’s or “offer it up” if the suffering itself concerns religious persecution
  • Caller: Mayra asks how to make sense of Mary’s perpetual virginity while she was married to Joseph compared to the Church’s teaching on consummating a sacramental marriage
  • Caller: Elly has a grown son who was raised in the faith but is struggling now with the priest scandals in the Church. She asks for book recommendations to help him
  • Caller: Jean is praying the 54 day novena and asks if it is okay to break up praying the rosary throughout the day
  • Caller: Nancy’s dad wants to move the burials of her mom and brother from its current cemetery and asks Patrick’s opinion
  • Caller: Ray asks if God favors Latin over English in Mass or in exorcisms
  • Caller: Fran asks if it is ever inappropriate to make the sign of the cross before a prayer. Are we to always bless ourselves?