The Patrick Madrid Show: September 9, 2019 – Hour 2

  • Caller: Bunny asks about priests using confession and the sacramental seal to hide their scandalous sins
  • Caller: Dijana shares that her non-Catholic boyfriend Abel downloaded the Relevant Radio app to listen to Patrick’s show
  • Caller: Ida has been struggling with anxiety attacks at night regarding the realities of death and asks for advice
  • Caller: Maureen asks about the Didache and about going to confession to be in a state of grace before receiving Holy Communion
  • Caller: Ruby asks for advice on how to handle her disagreements with her husband re: baptism for their children. He is anti-Catholic.
  • Caller: Collette asks how we can know that our prayers are heard by the saints, like St. Anthony for example, who didn’t speak English
  • Caller: Kramer asks if Jesus experienced an inclination to sin in the agony in the garden when He asked the Father if He could let this cup pass out of fear and anxiety