Why is news always negative?

  • Hour 1 of 9-9-19
  • Dr. Steve Mosher gives an update on Hong Kong. There have been protests over the past few months because people in Hong Kong don’t want China to take control. They are asking the US to help, even going as far as singing the American Anthem. President Trump is hoping they will resolve the issue, and is keeping a close eye.
  • Dr. Robert Tiballi on leprosy in Los Angeles. You may have thought that this disease is only from Biblical time, but health experts are worried it is making a return. This article from Medical Daily reports that “between 100 and 200 new cases of leprosy are annually reported in the US.” Dr. Tiballi talks about what you can do to keep you and your family safe.
  • Clemente Lisi on why news is always negative. Why aren’t there more sources for good news. Well it seems to be because that type of news is not sensational enough to keep up a sufficient audience. It has been tried before and failed. Drew reminds you of the quip, “if it bleeds it leads.” What can we do to take an objective and critical look at the news industry, without being swept away by the negativity? Lisi recommends his site, Religion Unplugged, which is an alternative for people tired of the way that the mainstream media treats religion so terribly and carelessly.