A hex on the president – please pray!

  • Hour 3 of 10-23-19
  • We need to pray for President Trump! A group of witches plan to put a hex on the president this week. They want to put a biding spell on ‘him, his administration, and all those who abet him.’ Witches have done this before, as well as on Justice Kavanaugh. Father Paul Desmarais gives advice on how to spiritually protect yourself. He recommends the Rosary, St. Benedict Medal, the St. Michael prayer, blessed salt, holy water, confession, and the Eucharist. We need to pray and fast for our country and president’s protection!
  • Patrick asks if walking to an apartment filled with occult material can have an effect on you. Father says he should ask his pastor to pray over him if he feels off, and he should be OK.
  • Drew tells a story about a man who walked into an adult book store; he felt like something was oppressing him after. He obsessed about what he saw, and felt liberated after going to confession. Drew warns about going into these stores and the spirits that can linger there. Father says that Satan’s battleground is the mind, and we can’t allow him in.
  • Kenlyn says she is in process of flipping a house and found a satanic medal – what to do?