All Hallows Eve & the Spiritual Realm; Millennials Reject Religion, Get More Depressed; Need for God 10.31.19

  • Fr. Robert Spitzer: All Hallows Eve and understanding the spiritual realm; high number of Millennials leaving religion behind, leaving God out of their lives, correlation between rejecting God & sacraments and rising rates of depression and despair; what’s essential to know about God, the soul, eternal life.
  • Dark angels exist and we can haplessly call them into our lives; we want to be very careful about the spiritual realm – no ouija boards, tarot cards, palm reading, etc.
  • Caller, Lillian: Do I need to confess being involved with someone who seemed disturbed by evil spirits? Caller, Brianna: What is the proper way to dispose of occult material? Caller, Joanne: How are lay people trained for deliverance?
  • Could there be a correlation between turning away from God and trends in anxiety and despair?

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