Amazon Synod & Symbols; Biden & Communion; Totalitarians & the Gospel 10.30.19

  • Fr. Robert Gahl: ‘Pachamama’ translates as “mother earth” – we can worship God through his reflection in nature, we can perceive God in his creatures; figures used in recent ceremony are not part of any traditional pagan cult, however there is a pagan cult dedicated to Pachamama. 
  • Joe Biden being denied Holy Communion by parish priest; Church teaching. The denial was in no way a judgement of Biden’s conscience; the Church must promote clarity referring to politicians who support abortion.
  • Dr. Deborah Savage: Upcoming UST/Catholic Studies/Siena Symposium conference with Professor Ryszard Legutko/Fr. Robert Spitzer “Totalitarian Temptations in Free Societies and the Gospel of Jesus Christ – Can We all Just Get Along?”
  • Catholics need to speak in the public square. We must preach the Gospel to all nations while our voices can be heard.