Angels Good & Bad, Guardian Angels Serve the Lord, St. Michael, Advocates of God 10.16.19

  • Fr. Robert Spitzer: ‘The Essence of Things’; supernatural, transcendent realities; guardian angels, company of angels, good and bad angels; people who claim to be ‘spiritual but not religious’, give reasons to be Catholic’
  • How many guardian angels are we given? God has never been stingy in his creation! Caller: Carmen, a guardian angel saved her from a landslide. Brian: does my guardian angel work with the Holy Spirit?
  • Caller: Joanne, why didn’t Padre Pio’s angels help him when he was assaulted? Anna: Can you talk about the Chaplet of St. Michael? Sarah: my guardian angel helped my son’s guardian angel.
  • Don’t fall for the voices of contrary angels; “Lord, I want to do better than this; don’t let me get fooled and deceived by this.” Pray for the help of God’s advocates: Mary, St. Michael, etc.