Demon of Brownsville Road

  • Hour 3 of 10-29-19
  • Do you know the story about The Demon of Brownsville Road? It is a fascinating story of a man and his family who bought a house in Pittsburgh that was possessed by a demon. Sounds crazy right? But it is a true and powerful conversion story. Bob Cranmer and his family moved into their new home and were terrorized by this demon. At the time, Bob and his family were Christian but not Catholic, but while experiencing the demon, Bob and his family turned to the Catholic Church and the faith. This demon would twist and break crucifixes in the house and would dismantle the Rosaries that the family would use to pray. Bob said it had a horrible smell and that you could tell when you were next to it because you could smell it. The demon was so powerful that Bob recalls having a priest say Mass in the house, and it stood next to Bob the entire time. Bob Cranmer joins the show and shares with you his family’s story of fear to faith with The Demon of Brownsville Road.