Forgiveness Evangelization & Science: Key to Health & Peace 10.17.19

  • Fr. Ubald Rugirangoga: Survivor of Rwandan Genocide; Author of ‘Forgiveness Makes You Free’; Founder of ‘The Center for the Secret of Peace’ spreading forgiveness, reconciliation, healing globally; evangelize everyone.
  • “If you want to stop violence, you have to learn to forgive.” Fr. Ubald Rugirangoga.
  • Prof. Robert Enright: ‘Forgiveness science’, why it’s essential for mental health; peace in unforgiving places afflicted by hostilities, hatred, violence; revolutionary work by ‘forgiveness trailblazer’ (as dubbed by Time magazine); International Forgiveness Institute.
  • Forgiveness is to move through the pain, toward the person who hurt you. Caller: Steve, how can I teach forgiveness as a manager in the workplace? Caller: Bob, I need help resolving family unforgiveness between my brothers.