Former VP Joe Biden denied communion

  • Hour 1 of 10-29-19
  • Joe Biden was denied communion when he visited a church on Sunday, in the midst of his campaign trail. The priest felt called to do this because of Biden’s stance on abortion and marriage. Bishop Paprocki of IL has done this in the past to pro-abortion politicians in that state. We need to pray for these courageous priests and bishops who are not afraid to take a stand. JD Flynn discusses the implications of this decision and where it stands from a canonical perspective. He reminds listeners that this move is not confined within a political ideology, but rather should be done to admonish those who fail to abide by Church teaching. Francis is a trans person who calls in and laments that he was denied communion at his church. He says he felt unwelcomed.
  • Kanye West, a once wild rapper who has performed rather provocatively, is having a profound conversion! He now says he is living and making music for Christ, and has released a new project called Jesus is King. He is making waves and is truly influencing many already! Discussing the importance of fasting, avoiding premarital sex, and even explaining the beauty of suffering, he is on his way to do great things! Pray for him, and let’s hope he continues to live for Him.