Getting Work & Leisure Right; Learning from John Henry Newman 10.10.19

  • Dr. Michael Naughton: Getting Work Right: Labor and Leisure in a Fragmented World; rightly ordered active and contemplative life gives us roots in a world that only gives us the superficial; Catholic understanding of vocation, human dignity, and the common good.
  • Often what we do on Saturday, we should do on Sunday; begin early, ordering things well in kids lives. Take time with Sunday meals – dine rather than feed. Where is your weekend disordered?
  • Dr. Chris Blum: Waiting for Christ, compilation of sermons of (soon to be) St. John Henry Newman meditating on the Christian life; Catholic doctrine, Sacred Scripture, the liturgical seasons as Newman taught so eloquently.
  • What sets us apart in living a Christian life? What happens when we don’t seek truth? What is involved in understanding vs. knowing?