Go Ask Your Father October 14th – Saint John Henry Newman

John Henry Newman was canonized as a Saint over the weekend. Msgr Swetland fills you in on some of the great memories from now Saint John Henry Newman’s life.


Caller Question – Her priests are not reverent during Mass she feels. What can she do? She is bothered by it.

Caller Question – Do other faiths believe in Exorcisms?

Caller Question – She feels weird around priests and bishops and feels like she does not know how to greet or address them. What are Msgr Swetlands thoughts?

Caller Question – Her son is a convert to the faith, and he has now found “traditionalist” online and is becoming discouraged. What can she/he do?

Caller Question – What does “Immaculate Conception” mean?

Caller Question – What is the Catholic understanding of “The End Times”?

Catechetical Corner – The Goodness of Creation

Caller Question – Can Msgr Swetland explain his comments about salvation?