Go Ask Your Father October 31st – Sports

Sports, if done in the right manner, can make us great people. Look no further than today’s good news story, where a high school football coach disarmed a student with a gun, all by giving him a hug. Msgr. Swetland shares with you this wonderful story of love and compassion.


Caller Question – Is it bad if we see dead relatives in dreams/visions?

Caller Question – Her daughter is in a high risk pregnancy, when she receives the Eucharistic, is it okay for her to offer it for her daughter and the child?

Caller Question – Is there any proof that anyone prayed to Mary.

Caller Question – Why the sins of “many” instead of all during institution of the Eucharist?

Catechetical Corner – Revealing the Truth to Others.

Caller Question – How to deal with a friend who left the Church?

Caller Question – Does Saturday vigil Mass count for First Saturday and Sunday obligation?