Go Ask Your Father October 8th – Who are Your Friends?

Who are your friends? Are you friends with people who disagree with you? This has become a problem in America over the years. Many people refuse to be friends with people who disagree with them. Well, we saw a great example of being nice and friendly to those we disagree with over the weekend. Ellen DeGeneres addressed this on her show Tuesday and stood up to the Twitter mob.


Caller Question – Where in the bible do we find that we have guardian angels?

Caller Question – Can we change our soul based on how we live?

Caller Question – If Jesus is God, then why do we have a genealogy?

Caller Question – In the Catechism, what do the numbers in the margins mean?

Caller Question – What makes the Eucharist valid in the Catholic Church?

Catechetical Corner – Eucharistic Presence

Caller Question – When does the bread and wine turn into the body and blood of Christ?