Go Ask Your Father October 9th – John Adams and George Washington

Have you heard the story about John Adams and George Washington attending Catholic vespers in 1774? Msgr Swetland fills you in on the story and the relevance it has to today’s date.


Caller Question – Why do we celebrate Mass on Sunday and not another day of the week?

Caller Question – What is the Churches teaching on the rapture?

Caller Question – What is Msgr. Swetlands perspective on hospice care?

Caller Question – Can Msgr Swetland explain justification, righteousness, and sanctification?

Catechetical Corner – Conversion

Caller Question – Does God love Satan?

Caller Question – During the consecration, when does the bread and wine change to the body and blood?

Caller Question – If we do not ask for forgiveness, can God forgive us?