God works all for Good, Brain Surgery, All Saints, Change through Mercy 10.30.19

  • Theological tie in with recent car problems: ongoing sagas remind us that God works everything for the good. Hostile witnesses on Halloween: ever notice how Catholics are targeted by the diabolical?
  • Nineteen years ago, Father Matthew had brain surgery; robotic surgery would be the course of surgery today; if artificial intelligence (AI) can outperform doctors, why don’t people trust AI with more?
  • Be inspired by the Saints (St. Maria Kowalska & Blessed Michael Sopocko are two to know!): the more we know about them, the more we can look to their intercession. The graces the saints have received are not their own, they are shared with us. The same has to be true in your life.
  • Jesus spends time with us to encourage us to change.