Guardian Angels, Unseen Spiritual Realm, Reasons to be Catholic 10.2.19

  • Fr. Robert Spitzer: ‘The Essence of Things’; reasons to be Catholic; answers to usual questions from doubters, skeptics about why people remain in the Church; feast of the Holy Guardian Angels & existence of the transcendent, spiritual realm of saints, angels, and their importance in our material and spiritual lives. 
  • Angels watch over us and guard us in all our ways.
  • Father Spitzer answers questions from listeners: Rose: Where are the guardian angels of children who suffer abuse? Lucero: Do we have more than one guardian angel? Lynn: Does everyone have a guardian angel, or only Christians? Jeff: can guardian angels help you break sinful habits/behavior? Dianne: do guardian angels get recycled? George: do angels know the future? Kim: can you ask your guardian angel to talk with another person’s guardian angel?
  • Guardian Angels are completely consistent with the loving nature and the will of God. Pray away, and ask your guardian angel to help you with everything, commensurate with the will of God.