Hesburgh Impact & Legacy; Reclaiming Common Sense in a Post-Truth World 10.1.19

  • Fr. Wilson Miscamble: ‘American Priest: The Ambitious Life and Conflicted Legacy of Notre Dames’ Fr. Theodore Hesburgh’; evaluating the extent and importance of Hesburgh’s legacy beyond the Notre Dame, on Catholic politicians, academics, theologians, other Catholic Americans.
  • Cuomo speech at Notre Dame set the stage for Catholic politicians to have plausible moral alibi; book  outlines Catholic engagement with life in American looking through the Hesburgh lens.
  • Robert Curry: ‘Reclaiming Common Sense: Finding Truth in a Post-Truth World’; ‘truth claims’ as meaningless in culture, on campuses; what does a sworn court oath to tell the truth mean?; how do we settle arguments with people who don’t believe in truth?; we still live in a world of common sense, claim it.
  • Political correctness is just our version of the party line – common sense doesn’t exist; political correctness exists to humiliate. Common sense is our super power; we have to learn to rely on it. The power of common sense is the power of knowing.