How America’s Political Parties Change

  • Hour 3 of 10-16-19
  • A new book How America’s Political Parties Change from Michael Barone examines the origins of the two major parties in the US and how they have changed and evolved. The Republican Party was formed surrounding the issue of abolishing slavery, and we saw the Democratic Party formed in 1828. Barone explains how and why a good majority of Democrats are African Americans who are sometimes not making a lot of money, and the Republican Party seems to be made up of married white Christians. The parties have had to change a little to fit the needs of their party constituents, but many of the core platforms remain.
  • Abortion, unfortunately, has been held as a high sacrament by most if not all of the Democrats on stage at the debate for the 2020 election. Sen. Kamala Harris thinks that it is a right for any women to control her body, but doesn’t seem to mind that babies in the womb don’t have rights. Julian Castro has even called for reproductive justice, whatever that means. Even Joe Biden who claims to be a Catholic has shifted more to the left and has no problem saying abortion is a right. Dr. Paul Kengor acknowledges how progressive these candidates have become, and explains how for them, truth evolves. We need to pray for them, and for Americans who are pro-death to see the truth; they are being duped by words like “reproductive freedom.” This is truly an issue of spiritual warfare, and the demons need to be cast out.