How impeachment is playing out in blue collar country

  • Hour 1 of 10-2-19
  • The Trump impeachment drama continues; Speaker Nancy Pelosi has said that this is not a cause for celebration, and that it is a very dark time for the nation. Rudy Guliani is ready to represent the president for legal assistance. How are most people in the US reacting to this news of impeachment? Salena Zito has traveled the nation’s rural areas, and explains that while people may not necessarily trust the president, they are not the same kind of liberal that you would find on either of the coasts. This might actually turn out to help the president if he is vindicated in his fight, and it could backfire against the Democrats. What will happen remains to be seen, but Zito offers her perspective and thoughts.
  • Have you had to overcome addiction in your life? Maybe drug or alcohol addiction has torn your family apart. We often tend to overlook the value of faith and relationship with Christ when it comes to overcoming addiction. Dr. Richard Fitzgibbons offers perspective on how our faith can help us to fight through attachments and drug epidemics we face in our country.