Impeachment inquiry

  • Hour 1 of 10-31-19
  • How do you feel about the President Trump inquiry? Do you believe the impeachment mess should even be happening? Today, the House opened up an impeachment vote, and many lawmakers showed disdain to Speaker Pelosi for holding the trials in secret and not allowing a formal inquiry. Dr. Ryan Barilleaux gives his insight and take, and talks to a woman who originally vote for the president, but explains why she is beginning to be worn out by the drama of it all. She says she will not vote for a pro-choice politician, but is not sure if she will vote for President Trump.
  • Should we do away with time zones altogether? What about Daylight Saving? In the northeast part of the state, they are considering changing their time zone to one hour ahead. This would be that places like Boston would now be in the Atlantic time zone. What are the implications, and what does this all mean? What are the chances of no longer turning our clocks back around this time of year? Dana Varinski shares her analysis.