Impeachment proceedings

  • Hour 1 of 10-7-19
  • The impeachment proceeding circus continues, and yet subpoenas have not even been issued to the president yet. President Trump upset reporters this past week by saying that China should investigate the Bidens, although some Republicans claim he was joking. On top of that, there is now a second whistle blower to come forward to claim he or she has information about the call to the Ukraine. Ed Morrissey offers insight, as well as James Hirsen, on where the impeachment hearings might go. Hirsen says that constitutionality is not being respected in this whole process, and a legal vote needs to take place.
  • Father Carter Griffin on chastity. As the Amazon Synod is now taking place, some are worried that the Church might start allowing married priests. While it is not set doctrine to only allow celibate priests, the whole idea of celibacy can be traced back to Scripture, especially with words that St. Paul said about being single for the kingdom. Fr. Griffin says there are many orthodox seminarians who are on fire and more than happy to sacrifice marriage and children for the sake of the kingdom.
  • Jeff Karls joins Drew to talk about the Institute on Religious Life. Vocations continue to flourish, and if you would like to support this organization, you can visit this site. There will be a special gala happening on Nov. 9th called the Mystical Rose Gala, and Drew will be the MC. You can learn more here.