Joe Biden being denied communion

  • Hour 1 of 10-30-19
  • Will Republicans be swept out in the 2020 election? President Trump is not worried, and he is convinced he will overcome this impeachment mess he is undergoing. Many Republican seats are being lost, and some speculate that the Senate could be completely flipped. But how is Joe Biden doing on the campaign trail? Would he be the one who could beat the president? Drew adds he thinks Mayor Pete could be the one. Brian Burch from Catholic Vote shares his thoughts, and explains Mayor Pete’s connection to Marxist ideology.
  • Biden is now in the news for being denied communion due to his stance on abortion. FOX and Friend’s Brian Kilmeade shared why he thinks this was too strict. We applaud the priest on the show for his courageous stand. We pray for VP Biden’s conversion and that he may be able to see the truth.
  • Electric vehicles seem to be the rage. But are they truly economically efficient? D News explains why they may not be. Are they truly going to cut down on pollution? What about costs and production value? One problem raised is that they won’t have AM radio. You will only have digital/Bluetooth options. Mark Mills reports.